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Faculty & Curriculum

Join us from June 19 – July 26, 2017

TCNJ’s Business Institute for Non-Business Majors integrates all business disciplines in an intensive curriculum, led by the faculty of the School of BusinessBloomberg Businessweek’s #1 undergraduate business school in New Jersey—as well as visiting business executives. In just 26 days, you’ll gain an essential understanding of the world of business while you earn up to 9 credits.

Get Business Savvy this Summer

Students in non-business majors can better position themselves for careers in organizational settings of any kind.

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The curriculum incorporates project-based study, company site visits, and guest speakers. Skill-building workshops include data-manipulation, analysis, and report-generation skills in Excel; business writing and presentation skills; résumé preparation and differentiation; and interview techniques, including role-play with career center staff. Finally, a case-study-based team project integrates business knowledge, skills, and perspectives into holistic program themes, a theme for each week of the Institute. Here the team chooses and strategically analyzes two very different companies for potential investment purposes, and presents findings in a compelling way to a business and non-business audience.

At the end of the six weeks, you will be able to

  • understand the fundamentals of accounting and finance, so you can analyze and interpret financial statements
  • define the customer and the organization’s value proposition, so you can develop marketing strategies
  • appreciate the role of business in society, so you can navigate the intersection between the law, ethics, and business
  • understand human motivation and behavior, so you can lead and manage people and teams
  • learn about how manufacturing companies and service organizations operate, so you can manage for effectiveness and efficiency
  • recognize the role of vision and competitive advantage, so you can develop organizational strategies for success